About Us

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NuvolaCore was established based on the skills of several technology partners with years of advanced technical and business experience in various IT industries. As a sister company to Synetic, Inc., NuvolaCore benefits from 20 years of an excellent market reputation and instant access to original manufacturers, quality products and highly skilled technology professionals.

NuvolaCore builds and optimizes high performance components and solutions for different cloud computing platforms. The goal is to provide guidance and tools for the digital transformation journey for small, medium and large enterprise businesses, scientific communities, educational institutions, government agencies and charity/non-profit organizations.

Our solutions include various off and on-premise cloud computing infrastructure implementation, plus deployment of applications and services for day-to-day business operations to meet the cloud computing needs for businesses, scientists and researchers.

We assist all levels of enterprise corporate customers to establish a cloud-ready strategy through a well-designed and customized Cloud Adaptation Framework (CAF) that works for their specific need, leading them to a meaningful, practical, efficient and cost-effective privately-managed cloud deployment.

We apply OpenSource based cloud technologies (e.g. Apache CloudStack, OpenStack, etc.), and, if need be, branded tier 1 (e.g. Oracle, Azure, etc.) to deliver the most cost-effective implementation of IaaS/PaaS/SaaS without compromising existing IT infrastructure and with minimized disruption in day-to-day business operations. All can be done in a matter of days/weeks and not months.

We have developed advanced methodologies and tools to assist our clients to implement, operate and manage their own on-premise hybrid cloud or hosted private cloud while achieving unparalleled performance, security, scalability and flexibility.