About Nuvolacore

Founded in 2016, NuvolaCore is a Canadian Hybrid-IT and Cloud Technology Company offering on-premise IT solutions and services for day-to-day business operations while assisting its clients to design and implement a cloud-ready strategy through a customized CAF (Cloud Adoption Framework) that works for them.

NuvolaCore works closely with in-house IT team and other contracted consultants to prepare the client for migration from on-premise IT to on-cloud IT operations with minimum disruption and with the highest level of reliability, optimization, performance, security and maximum ROI.

We help companies to design, build, deploy and manage their own on-premise or hosted public-like, private and hybrid cloud while achieving unparalleled performance and flexibility.

During the last 5 years, NuvolaCore has developed advanced methodologies and tools to assists publicly funded organizations, privately owned corporations, SMB and SME companies to implement and operate their own onsite or data centre hosted IaaS (Public Cloud), PaaS (Private Cloud) and SaaS (Managed Cloud).

NuvolaCore applies a new approach to deployment of OpenSource Cloud Technologies (Apache CloudStack & OpenStack) to deliver the most cost-effective implementation without compromising existing IT infrastructure, day-to-day operations and in days and not months.

Here what we can do for you:

  • Bring decades of experience with advanced systems, data storage, virtualization and heterogeneous infrastructure migration
  • Deliver customized hybrid IT and cloud solutions to meet your specific needs and business goals
  • Reduce your costs and risks by deployment of our proven NIST compliance Cloud Adoption Framework
  • Save you time and money via quick deployment and by leveraging your existing IT investments
  • Deliver results through partnership with global leading OpenSource cloud builders
  • Assist you to design, build, deploy and manage YOUR OWN on-premise or data centre hosted public-like, private and hybrid clouds in DAYS
  • Reduce your initial Capex and ongoing Opex eliminating soaring monthly fees paid to tiered public cloud providers
  • Deploy cloud solutions that maximize your ROI and achieve unparalleled flexibility and scalability
  • Assist you to easily install, scale and manage your own white label public-like, private, and/or hybrid cloud

As an independent cloud solution provider of IaaS Cloud and Hybrid IT/Cloud, NuvolaCore team have spent years researching, evaluating and benchmarking various platforms and identified the very best of cloud technologies that we truly believe offers the highest value in all aspects to our clients in Canada and overseas.

At NuvolaCore, we believe we are unique for both our technology solutions and our approach to client partnerships. We strive to truly partner with our clients as an integral component of their business success built on a long-term relationship cemented by trust and performance. Our team becomes your team and together, we commit to building your business success.

NuvolaCore is also a pioneer in Canadian Data Sovereignty by ensuring that the publicly funded organizations, private corporations and businesses have control over where their sensitive data resides and who has access to data.



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