Proven Digital Transformation from On-Premise to Cloud Based IT

For some organizations, it is desirable to utilize a hybrid cloud model with an amalgamation of both private cloud and public cloud features and capabilities simultaneously. The scalability and flexibility of hybrid cloud helps an organization to cost effectively create an automated, integrated, secure, and well-managed computing environment.

Perhaps your organization has an interim need to scale up resources (web sales campaign, merger, new business opportunity etc.) on either an interim or permanent basis. A Hybrid cloud adoption will help you efficiently deliver on these mandates – both from a cost and labour perspective.

The benefits of a hybrid cloud model include:

  • Agility to have on demand burst capability to ramp up workloads quickly and easily to meet changing demands
  • Flexibility to distribute workloads where it makes business and operational sense
  • Access to services on a periodic basis which do not require investment therefore reducing operational costs
  • Freedom to focus on business needs eliminating the challenges of upgrading and expansion
  • Guaranteed high availability for both durability, availability and reliability of data access
  • Complexity reduction for capacity planning to handle growth and project needs

NuvolaCore, with participation of a few pioneering cloud computing partners, has developed the NuvolaWare Cloud Engine (an integrated single/multi-tenants hybrid cloud solution) that offers easy deployment of on-premise or data centre hosted private cloud.

With NuvolaWare hybrid cloud ecosystems, you can have on-demand customized API access to public or other Cloud environments, allowing you to deliver resources to your users, as needed, when needed – simply and effectively. This can alleviate over-spending on infrastructure to meet the highest peaks of your needs and allows you to stretch your budgets further.

NuvolaWare’s solution is self-balancing, self-healing and supports multi-tenant and multi-project deployments, with single pane of glass and self-service management portals for efficient provisioning and oversight of all activities.

NuvolaCore’s highly experienced team believes that cloud deployment must be a mindful, well-educated and highly assessed technological change for any business.

Unlike tier 1 cloud vendors, NuvolaCore does not believe that a hasty rush to join a public cloud is a wise and sound IT decision for any CIO. Instead, a well-designed, cloud-readiness CAF (Cloud Adoption Framework) must be deployed in advance to match all day-to-day operations and departmental needs of a business.

Working closely with stakeholders and in-house IT team, NuvolaCore cloud experts will define a practical CAF (Cloud Adoption Framework) for businesses of all levels (SMB, SME companies and Enterprise class corporations)

  • Current on-premise IT operations will be fully assessed, understood and documented for future reference and building the initial foundations
  • A comprehensive risk assessment report and mitigation procedures list will be clearly defined
  • An informative educational session will be held for the stakeholders and IT team to discuss cloud readiness and the complete chart of steps and details for the implementation process
  • A ‘before and after’ case study with pros and cons and will be presented, modified and decided upon
  • A comprehensive project plan will be presented that clearly defines the list of deliverables, timing and deadlines
  • Cloud building and/or deployment will start with participation of all involved parties
  • A gradual and step-by-step migration and post-implementation testing procedures will be followed for full compatibility assurance and for any needed modifications


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