If you’re seeking all the benefits of public cloud but want to retain control and management internally, NuvolaCore’ Cloud solutions can meet these needs to deliver flexible, scalable and easily managed IaaS infrastructure.


You can receive all the benefits of using the Cloud without the need to find, implement and manage your own solution. You will maintain control over all your operations and not expose your sensitive data to a shared public environment. You acquire all the benefits of the public cloud such as agility, lowered TCO, improved productivity and on demand scalability – under your control with the comfort of knowing your data is safe and secured.

With the Private Cloud, your benefits include:

  • The agility to deliver self-service, on demand access to network, storage and compute for your demanding users
  • The enhanced security of having dedicated and physically isolated infrastructure (IaaS) to ensure data security and privacy
  • Freedom to configure and optimize the dedicated infrastructure to meet your exacting needs
  • Increased performance over public clouds as all infrastructure components are dedicated solely to your needs


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