Building CLOUD and implementing HYBRID IT…..it’s what we do

Hybrid IT, in essence is the mix of legacy, on-premise IT infrastructure combined with private/public clouds.

The benefits an organization obtains from the Hybrid IT include:

  • Increased agility and business performance through the ability to respond to changing business conditions faster and with less costs than traditional approaches
  • Improved services to users and customers through rapid provisioning and service delivery
  • Faster product development with lower expenditures through streamlined capabilities and deployment flexibility
  • Move legacy data and applications from on-promise to cloud easily and transparently using advanced automation and CD/CI tools.

The NuvolaCore technical team members have dealt with some of the most challenging IT projects at all levels and have left behind an excellent track record of success. We can help you to achieve exceptional business value with our experience delivering Hybrid IT to many clients. Some of the services we offer include:

On-Premise IT:

  • Advanced IT technical consultation, business and operational process design and practical solutions implementation
  • IT infrastructure architect and overall operational assessment and audit
  • Overall IT operations improvement, performance optimization and true business continuity deployment
  • Project management implementation for all aspects of core IT: hardware, storage, network and applications
  • Advanced virtualization deployment, data centre architect, implementation and automation
  • Disaster prevention and recovery planning and enterprise business continuity deployment
  • Legacy IT migration and conversion with complete data transformation to advanced cloud computing



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