About NuvolaCore

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Our Mission and Value

To help our clients achieve their business objectives and maximize their ROI by providing innovative Hybrid-IT solutions. We believe deployment of private and hybrid cloud and its related services do not have to be an expensive exercise beyond the reach of small and medium size companies, non-profit organizations, academic institutions and scientific communities. We also believe the benefits of advanced digital transformation should be available to organizations of all sizes.

Why Us


We continually collaborate and concentrate on multiple cutting-edge technology platforms and R&D projects to build advanced performance solutions.  With a robust network of researchers and engineers around the world, we can overcome virtually any technical challenge.


As an independent Canadian cloud technology provider, we offer high value solutions which provide significant savings to our clients.  We complement these product related values with strong business ethics and deliver sustained value based on knowledge-transfer and trusted partnerships with our clients.


Our platforms are designed and built for demanding work environments with a life expectancy of 5-10 years.  Our products require minimal maintenance and use industry standard components throughout to avoid vendor lock in requiring overly expensive components.


We are strong advocates for Canadian data sovereignty – privacy, security and ownership. We are a dedicated developer for Blockchain technology with goals for protecting the privacy of Canadian data.

About Us

NuvolaCore Technology was established base on the collaboration and partnership of a few technology companies with advanced technical and business expertise in different IT fields.  The company’s primary goal is to deliver high performance cloud computing solutions and advanced data management technology for SMB and SME.

 NuvolaCore team have spent tremendous amount of time over the last 4 years to evaluate, engineer and test different tiered and non-tiered cloud technologies that can offer the best breed of on-premise and hybrid cloud solutions and do not require huge reinvestment of IT infrastructure.  We have utilized different OpenSource technologies to build and optimize high performance hybrid-IT and cloud computing platforms.  The goal is to deliver tools that enable our clients to implement a meaningful digital transformation.

 Our R&D team have been able to develop cost-effective advanced methodologies for deployment of virtualization, hyperconverged, cloud computing and data science technology.  These techniques allow us to help our clients to implement IaaS/PaaS/SaaS without compromising existing IT infrastructure and with minimum disruption of daily business operations.  All can be done in a matter of days/weeks and not months.

 Our solutions include various hosted and on-premise cloud platforms as well as deployment of cloud applications and services for day-to-day business operations.  We assist all levels of businesses and enterprise clients to establish a cloud-ready strategy through a well-defined and customized Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) that works for their specific need, leading them to a meaningful, practical, efficient and cost-effective privately-managed cloud services.

 As part of our mandate, we are committed to offer these tools to our clients and assist them to implement, operate and manage their own on-premise hybrid cloud or hosted private cloud while achieving unparalleled performance, security, scalability and flexibility.