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CoreRise Electronics Co., LTD

CoreRise is a professional SSD designer and manufacturer with a long history of offering all kinds of SSDs for enterprise, industrial, and consumer applications. Most of them were done via ODM. CoreRise SSDs feature quality and performance. The Comay SSD produced by CoreRise has been adopted by the latest Chinese bullet train (EMU), Fiberhome, Huawei, TRW, BYD, etc. Due to the quality and performance of the Comay SSD, CoreRise has won many clients and their sales revenue has increased tenfold in recent years.

RAIDON Technology, Inc.

Founded in 2000, RAIDON is specialized in the direct attached RAID storage design and manufacturing for SMB and SME. The company is an Intel certified Thunderbolt ODM vendor. RAIDON Technology provides a wide range of reliable SMB storage to enable data protections while maintaining continuous system operation.

All products are manufactured locally in Taiwan to consolidate quality control for immediate delivery with stability and durability to uphold market reputation. The core competitive value of RAIDON is their dedicated senior engineers who carry the capability of firmware maintenance and keep RAIDON solutions to meet up-to-date market specifications. This creates market strength for its worldwide partners.


ShapeBlue is the largest independent integrator of CloudStack technologies globally and are specialists in the design and implementation of IaaS cloud infrastructures for both private and public cloud implementations.

ShapeBlue combines 100’s of man-years of experience in designing and building complex network, storage and compute infrastructures with globally leading skills in Apache CloudStack. Their services include consulting, integration, training and infrastructure support. ShapeBlue’s technical teams are all active contributors to the Apache CloudStack project and a good percentage of their team are also project committers.

ShapeBlue has helped design and build some of the world’s largest cloud infrastructures for global customers located in London (UK), Mountain View (CA), Bangalore (India), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and Cape Town (South Africa)

Synetic Inc.

Synetic Inc. is a North American manufacturer and distributor of clustering HPC servers and data storage subsystems specializing in high-performance, cost-effective, and reliable advanced information technology products. The company’s mission is to bring a new approach to the development of advanced cloud computing for data centre hosting optimization, data storage management, providing valuable advance solutions to its clients worldwide. Today, Synetic works with over thirty manufacturers worldwide, with some, in exclusive arrangements.

Synetic’s strong R&D team come with high degrees in different science and engineering fields as well as years of real-world experience. The R&D division frequently designs and develops products in-house and abroad. On other occasions, the manufacturer will introduce new products and Synetic provides market awareness, distribution and unprecedented technical support. In each case, Synetic subjects its products to rigorous QA, stress testing and improvement before releasing them to the market.

Synetic products are built under extremely high quality manufacturing process to last for years with high MTBF and MTTF. Synetic’s RMA is less than 1%, a statistic which the company is extremely proud of.

Terabit Technology Ltd.

Shanghai Terabit Technology Co., Ltd is a flash memory storage supplier located in Shanghai City and has been devoting itself to provide global clients with quality flash memory products and superior service. Terabit executes strict standards on component inspection, production flow and testing procedures. Terabit offers a wide range of industrial flash memory products with a variety of capacities, temperature ranges and form factors.

As one of the most reliable SSD brands world-wide, Terabit uses only first-tier NAND Chips and controllers to ensure all products are qualified for mission-critical applications. Terabit products include 2.5inch SATA, 2.5inch PATA, MSATA, M.2 NGFF, CompactFlash Card, CFast Card, Half Slim, Disk on Module(SATA/PATA) and Peripherals.

AsRock Rack

ASRock Rack Inc., established in 2013, specializes in Cloud Computing server hardware. While implementing ASRock’s design concepts of “Creativity, Consideration, Cost-effectiveness”, the company is passionate about applying ‘out of the box’ thinking to bring innovation to the Server Industry. Leveraged by ASRock’s growing momentum and distribution channels, this young and vibrant company targets the booming market of Cloud Computing. ASRock is committed to user-friendly and eco-friendly DIY Server hardware, featuring flexible and reliable products.


evServ is a manufacturer of high-end data storage systems and server solutions dedicated to delivery of high quality products with great flexibilities.

evServ products line includes:

  • File Server Solution: For advanced computing platforms; 1U , 2U , 3U and 4U Server Chassis.
  • RAID solution: Integration of full line IP-SAN, FC-SAN, DAS RAID System and JBOD System.

evServ follows strict quality control standards for all their product lines. Their high-end products have premium specifications: highly durable yet affordable.

With their strong R&D ability and highly efficient customer support, evServ have also obtained numerous OEM projects from well-known companies in the US and EU countries and gained the trust from their partners.

evServ have years of experience with great qualifications and thrive on delivering the latest technology to their customers. Any new concept or ideas from their customers are welcomed.

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