Hybrid IT Services

Optimization, Performance, and Security


  • Information Technology for Highest Reliability
  • Minimum CapEx & OpEx with Maximum ROI
  • Combing On-Premise & On-Cloud

What is Hybrid IT?

Hybrid IT, in essence, is the mix of legacy, on-premise IT infrastructure combined with private/public clouds.

Get Benefits of Hybrid IT

  • Increased agility and business performance through the ability to respond to changing business conditions faster and with less costs than traditional approaches
  • Improved services to users and customers through rapid provisioning and service delivery
  • Faster product development with lower expenditures through streamlined capabilities and deployment flexibility
  • Move legacy data and applications from on-promise to cloud easily and transparently using advanced automation and CD/CI tools

On-Premise IT Deployment

  • Advanced IT technical consultation, business and operational process design and practical solutions implementation
  • IT infrastructure architect and overall operational assessment and audit
  • Overall IT operations improvement, performance optimization and true business continuity deployment
  • Project management implementation for all aspects of core IT: hardware, storage, network and applications
  • Advanced virtualization deployment, data center architect, implementation and automation
  • Disaster prevention and recovery planning and enterprise business continuity deployment
  • Legacy IT migration and conversion with complete data transformation to advanced

Cloud IT Implementation

  • Current on-premise IT operations will be fully assessed, understood and documented as a foundation for cloud deployment
  • Comprehensive risk assessment and mitigation procedures will be clearly defined
  • A session for stakeholders and IT team will be held to discuss cloud readiness and a recommendation for a path to cloud adoption will be confirmed
  • A concise outline of the relative Pro’s and Con’s of alternative solutions will be prepared for discussion and executive review
  • A comprehensive project plan that clearly defines the list of deliverables, timing and deadlines will be presented for approval
  • Cloud building and deployment will start with participation of all involved parties
  • A gradual step-by-step migration and post-implementation testing procedures will be followed for full compatibility assurance and for any needed modifications

Resilient Business Continuity

With over 100 years of aggregated experience in IT Disaster Prevention, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity, we believe that DR & BC are both two important parts of very reactive Elastic IT.

No separation in different components of an IT infrastructure when it comes to Pre/Post Disaster.

High Availability in All Configuration Items

ROC (Resilient Operational Continuity)

A combination of standard DR & BC methodologies and our proprietary approach to DR&BC implementation. It is based on a universal systematic implementation that addresses all areas related to Pre&Post disaster events. It will provide the best possible Recovery-Time-Objectives (RTOs) and Recovery-Point-Objectives (RPOs).

As part of ROC deployment, NuvolaCore implements a resilient proven and tested ROC Hyper-Converged technology that uses a pool of clustered servers connected with high performance storage to fully create an automated fail-over of OS, Applications, Data and Network components.

Disk failure(s), or a sever malfunction/failure, a network disconnection and even a Ransomware attack will not create DDOS (Distributed Denial-Of-Service) and will not become a barrier for business operations continuity.

IT Protection and Security

Many of the available solutions have already failed or doomed to fail to protect organization from sophisticated cyber attack and data breach sooner or later

But Why?!

As a Domino affect one compromised site can prorogate the same cyber attack to other site on the same connected network.

How to Avoid That?

  • A solid cybersecurity defense starts with everyone in an organization
  • No security is meaningful without prevention and infrastructure resilience
  • For cyber and security defense to be effective, it must be implemented for entire IT infrastructure
  • Anonymity of a network is the key to prevention of cyber attack and other security compromises

NuvolaCore Approach

  • Deploy post event incidence response, advanced data recovery, threat filtering and cleansing, and if need be Ransom negotiations within first 24 hours
  • Implement preventative measures and build resilient cybersecurity defense by hardening intrusion and unauthorized penetration
  • Take advantage of TOR multi-rely algorithm and its anonymity and decentralized computing nature
  • Build a secure computing platform utilizing embedded blockchain capabilities
  • Work closely with law-enforcement and security agencies to generate a comprehensive forensic report with focus on intrusion hot-spot