IT Protection and Security

No one person or specific program can prevent a cyber attack. It is a universal responsibility for everyone in the organization


Many available solutions have already failed or are doomed to fail to protect organizations from sophisticated cyber attack and data breaches sooner or later. The domino-effect of one compromised site can propagate the same cyber attack to other sites on the same connected network.






How to Avoid That?

  • A solid cybersecurity defense starts with everyone in an organization
  • No security is meaningful without prevention and infrastructure resilience
  • For cyber and security defense to be effective, it must be implemented for the entire IT infrastructure
  • Anonymity of a network is the key to prevention of cyber attacks and other security compromises

NuvolaCore Approach

  • Deploy continuous predictive monitoring tools and advanced intrusion alert reporting system
  • Take advantage of Blockchain and TOR multi-relay algorithm, its anonymity and decentralized computing capabilities
  • Implement preventative measures and build resilient cybersecurity defense by hardening intrusion and unauthorized penetration
  • Work closely with law-enforcement and security agencies to generate a comprehensive forensic report with focus on intrusion hot-spots
  • Implement post-event incident response, advanced data recovery and post-event threat filtering and cleansing. Also, if needed, engage in full Ransom negotiations within first 24 hours