Hybrid IT Services

Combine on-premise & on-cloud IT and benefit from Hybrid-IT operational availability and application development agility


Over many years of building on-premise IT solutions, NuvolaCore engineers have inherited high level of expertise in dealing with many facets of traditional on-premise IT infrastructure. Today, combing those skills and their immense knowledge gained from the cloud IT implementations, NuvolaCore team has the experience and confidence to deliver the best standards of IT practice.

Our goal is to make sure our clients are the ultimate beneficiary of their IT investment and to give them solutions that are practical for today’s operations and scalable for their future grow. NuvolaCore is fully committed to deliver the Hybrid-IT solutions with the following benefits.




Get Benefits of Hybrid IT

  • Minimum CapEx & OpEx with maximum ROI
  • Deliver optimization, performance and security
  • Access IT resource from anywhere anytime with cloud
  • Get control of IT and ownership of your data with on-premise
  • Deliver highest reliability, full redundancy and resilient disaster recovery
  • Improved services to users and customers through rapid provisioning and service delivery
  • Faster product development with lower expenditures through streamlined capabilities and deployment flexibility
  • Increased agility and business performance through the ability to respond faster to business changes with less costs
  • Move legacy data and applications from on-promise to cloud easily and transparently using advanced automation and CI/CD tools

On-Premise IT Deployment

  • IT infrastructure architect and overall operational assessment and audit
  • Legacy IT migration and conversion with complete data transformation to advanced
  • Disaster prevention and recovery planning and enterprise business continuity deployment
  • Advanced virtualization deployment, data center architect, implementation and automation
  • Overall IT operations improvement, performance optimization and true business continuity deployment
  • Project management implementation for all aspects of core IT: hardware, storage, network and applications
  • Advanced IT technical consultation, business and operational process design and practical solutions implementation

Cloud IT Implementation

  • Comprehensive risk assessment and mitigation procedures will be clearly defined
  • Cloud building and deployment will start with participation of all involved parties
  • Current on-premise IT operations will be fully assessed, understood and documented as a foundation for cloud deployment
  • A concise outline of the relative Pro’s and Con’s of alternative solutions will be prepared for discussion and executive review
  • A comprehensive project plan that clearly defines the list of deliverables, timing and deadlines will be presented for approval
  • A session for stakeholders and IT team will be held to discuss cloud readiness and a path to cloud adoption will be confirmed
  • Gradual step-by-step migration and post-implementation testing will be followed for full compatibility assurance and for any needed modifications