Resilient Business Continuity

Build an IT infrastructure to stand the test of time through failure, cyber attacks and disasters


With over 100 years of aggregated experience in IT Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity (BC), we believe that DR and BC are both the most important parts of any responsive IT operations.  There is no separation of different components in an IT infrastructure when it comes to Pre&Post disaster recovery.  Proven high availability (HA) and Disaster Prevention (DP) are necessities and not luxuries and they must be implemented for a true Resilient Business Continuity (ROC).




High availability for all configurations is a necessity and not a luxury

Benefit from Resilient Operational Continuity (ROC)

  •  With a combination of standard DR & BC methodologies and a proprietary approach, NuvolaCore delivers a rock-solid and disaster proof ROC implementation to our clients.
  • Our approach to ROC is based on a universal systematic implementation that addresses all areas related to Pre&Post disaster events. It provides the best possible Recovery-Time-Objectives (RTOs) and Recovery-Point-Objectives (RPOs).
  • As part of ROC deployment, NuvolaCore implements a resilient proven and tested Hyper-Converged technology that utilizes a pool of clustered dissimilar servers connected together with a high performance storage to fully create an automated fail-over of OS, applications, data and network components.
  • Disk/s failure, a server malfunction, a network disconnection and even a Ransomware attack will not create DOS (Denial-Of-Service) and will not become a barrier for business operation continuity.