A Team of Experts

Gary Wallin

Director of Business Development

Gary’s 30+ year career has been focused on delivering advanced, high value technology solutions to organizations across Canada.  Most of his career has been spent in executive leadership and business development working within the VAR / Reseller channel sectors.  Gary has been at the forefront of introducing and developing new market opportunities for innovative software and service-based verticals.

A pioneer and innovator, Gary was an early advocate and builder of cloud-based services initially in the Data Protection sector and later developing an MSP-based suite of expanded services.  He is passionate about using technology to empower clients to meet and exceed their business goals. He has a strong track record building valuable, long-term relationships by delivering solutions that exceed the needs and expectations of client organizations.

Gary comes to NuvolaCore with a diverse entrepreneurial background having successfully built and operated companies focused in software development, consultancy and MSP services in the IT sector. Gary has worked with corporations of all sizes, in a wide variety of industries, executing and delivering infrastructure projects both regionally and nationally.


Founder & Chief Technical Officer

With over 32 years of advanced IT practice in Canada and overseas, Moe is the principal founder and ideologist behind NuvolaCore. He brings years of academic background with a Pre-Ph.D. degree in Mathematics and Computational Science and Engineering, along with years of experience as a college and university lecturer.

Moe also presents years of real-world practical knowledge in advanced systems, network and data storage engineering and has implemented multiple enterprise data centres as well as designed cloud infrastructures dating back to 2010.

Moe has published a number of technical articles and completed many R&D projects related to different computing and systems engineering fields. Some received government grants or innovation awards. He has a deep-rooted passion for computing technology and is known to be a gifted trouble-shooter and a Crisis Prevention and Resolution Specialist by the industry and his peers.

He is also an active member and contributor of several internationally recognized technology organizations such as; SNIA, ACM, IIIS, Cloud Stack, Apache Sparks, Cloud Foundry, Ceph RADOS, CATA, Canarie/DAIR and others.

Moe’s current passions are working with Blockchain, Ethereum Decentralized Computing, BigData and AI cognitive automation and Machine Learning. He is also working on a couple of patent-pending technologies related to TOR Configurations and Blockchain and their applications in Disaster Prevention and Recovery, Data Security and Sovereignty and Cyber Warfare.

Cheryl Thomas, M.S.

Director of HR and Communications

Since 1986, Cheryl has been an advisor and consultant for over 250 public organizations and private sectors across Canada, USA and in the Middle East. She has worked with start-up entrepreneurs; small to medium sized enterprises going through major growth and change; as well as large multi-national companies.

She is an expert in team and organizational development, specializing in aligning the people in the organization to the vision of the leadership. Her expertise in strategic management, leadership, team building, strategic planning, performance management, change management, human resources and effective communication helps companies get on and stay on the path to success.

As a professor, Cheryl has shared her knowledge and expertise with thousands of business and engineering university students and coached them in developing the skills required to be successful in business.

As the NuvolaCore Director of HR and Communications, Cheryl plays a major role in leading NuvolaCore closer to all levels of businesses, community leaders, academics and policy.  Cheryl is passionate about getting results through people and uses those leadership skills with both staff and clients.

Our Advisors

Dr. Jeff Zadeh

Ph.D Advanced Technology Advisor

Dr. Jeff Zadeh is a senior member of the NuvolaCore technical advisory board. He has been an active technical ideologist for Synetic Inc. for 20 years and he will continue his contribution as the chief technical advisor for NuvolaCore.

Dr. Zadeh holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign and has published more than 70 papers in refereed national and international journals and conference proceedings.  Dr. Zadeh has more than 26 years teaching and mentoring experience and has taught both graduate and undergraduate courses in Computing Science, Computer Engineering, IFSM, CMIT, IT and advanced Cybersecurity.

Dr. Zadeh also has served as a keynote speaker in different national and international conferences as well as serving as a professional counselor for government agencies and variety of industries.  He is currently working on two patent-pending algorithms with the NuvolaCore technical team. One will be for Blockchain deployment for Cybersecurity the other one is to create stealth VM imaging for Zero-time instantaneous VM restore/recovery.