NuvolaSAN is a unique state-of-art IPSAN data storage solution designed for virtualization and cloud storage implementation.


NuvolaSAN offers infinite scalability and comes with embedded disaster recovery algorithm for full multi-nodes fault-tolerant architecture and no-fail data access.

NuvolaSAN offers massive scalability and performance for virtualized and cloud-based environment. Imagine having the elasticity and agility to scale out the storage by simply adding more storage nodes or drives – at any time – with no disruptions.

NuvolaSAN is designed from the ground up to provide highly available, clustered storage across various virtualized and cloud environments. Fault tolerant, self-healing and self-adapting cloud storage.

NuvolaSAN simplifies your storage resources and management overhead so you don’t have to worry about storage silos and managing space quotas while ensuring redundancy and availability.

NuvolaSAN has been designed with this idea in mind that a single or multiple drives failure, or complete node failure should not cause data access problem and business discontinuity. For best in class value and lower TCO, NuvolaStor can be installed on any x86 64bit platform that offers multi-processing cores.


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