NuvolaStack – NVMe Flash/HDD Storage

Industry leading extreme performance storage solutions with advanced features and flexibility at affordable budget-friendly prices.

NuvolaStack provides the utmost flexibility with NVMe-oF storage systems capable of support for any combination of Flash drives and SAS/SATA drives thereby providing:

Achieve blazing fast storage performance using your existing IT infrastructure

  • 1,300,000 IOPS per Volume and 6,000,000 IOPS per Node
  • Get benefits immediately!
  • Rapid integration and deployment in less than a week

Most competitive CAPEX in storage industry

  • Priced for the small and medium organization budgets
  • Get Best pricing – NuvolaStack beats most quotes / RFQ by up to 50%

Lower your OPEX / Increase your ROI

  • No need to discard your sunk investment
  • Supports hybrid storage Flash/SANs/HDD seamlessly
  • A unified platform to manage all your storage – flexible, scalable, hardware agnostic

Customized for your private/ hybrid storage needs

  • NVMe Flash, HDD, M.2 – all supported in a single unit
  • Ideal for demanding environments like AI, ML, Big Data, Blockchain, etc.
  • Configured to meet toughest combinations for reliability, speed, capacity and budget

Fully Open – NO vendor Lock-in

  • Based on non-proprietary open source components
  • Be free to purchase next gen SSDs without costly restrictions
  • Our No Risk guarantee! We help you migrate to other providers if not fully satisfied

Best industry and security practices

  • Products of the highest quality and reliability, extensive integration and training
  • Full warranty and support services
  • Your data confidentiality guaranteed – never shared with other parties