NuvolaCore Multi-Cloud solutions are based on value-added open source IaaS cloud technologies and represent the most advanced Cloud solutions available today.

With direct manufacturer relationships and exclusive distributorships NuvolaCore provides top quality hardware to build upon with exceptional value for the customer.



NuvolaWare is our enterprise grade Cloud O/S which is the backbone of our Cloud solutions. It is in use by all sizes of companies globally and provides extensive enhancements and interoperability with the Open Source communities.



NuvolaNode describes our ‘ready to go’ IaaS cloud solutions, ready built for quick installation and immediate deployment. Comprised of various size hardware packages and pre-configured with our leading NuvolaWare Cloud O/S, the NuvolaNode is perfect for those who wish easy and quick deployments in either on-premise or DC environments.



NuvolaStor provides the most advanced resilient and scalable storage solution available in the world today. Crafted by an international team of storage experts, NuvolaStor brings self-healing using enhanced features to provide ‘never lost’ data guarantees to the on-premise and cloud storage infrastructures.



NuvolaSync software provides flexibility in file synchronization in multiple mode. Server to storage, server to server and server to cloud file replication. Jobs can be one time, scheduled or monitored for changes. The file pools can be Master to Slave or even Master to Master with conflict identification and mitigation. Unlike many file synchronization software products the resultant synchronized file pool is natively readable or readable with common tools. Overall the NuvolaSync software is a tool that will work in many varied situations and will meet a wide variety of requirements.


The offerings above are core to what we do but they are not the extent of what we can provide or craft into solutions to solve your unique needs. Bring us your technical challenges, we’ve solved many problems in the past but are always interested in new ones.



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